About (2010)

Life has a way of moving on. When I started this blog, I never considered as the remotest possibility that I might become a teacher. Now here I am in a Master’s of Education program. What this means for the blog is I’ll be posting papers and discussion board comments from my course as I submit them to the course. I hope you enjoy them!

Much love,


One comment on “About (2010)

  1. Hello Mobili Thank you for your work. I particularly like your “Boys in Crisis” video. I have a link to it on my web site. However, I would like to re-post it to Vimeo so that at the end we don’t have all those youtube icons showing. Can I have your permission to re-post it in Vimeo? I would not change the video in any way (it’s great the way it is!) Let me know. Thanks for your time. Richard

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