About (2008)

Mobilis in Mobili means ‘moving in moving things’. From Jules Verne, it is more meaningful to me as the concept of moving through the world as the world moves around me.

This blog is about three things and their intersection.

It is first about Community. In the modern world, the moving things around us move at a frantic pace. Community is rare and generally built around quality time. Friends or like minded individuals live scattered and meet in cyberspace. This is not enough. Community is the foundation of a fulfilled life.

I have a wonderful daughter, age five as of this writing. Her Education is amongst my very highest priorities. Yet education today is difficult. Traditional schools shape students according to a 19th century model. Public schools compound that error with poor funding and unionized staff. Homeschooling is a leap of faith and a heck of a responsibility. Alternative schools (Waldorf schoolsMontessori schools, etc) are exotic and slightly scary to me. But I am committed to finding the right path for my daughter.

The third element of this blog is Consciousness. I am no expert on psychic wellness but it seems clear that what passes for popular culture in the United States has travelled an extreme distance from anything rooted in the natural world or in the nature of being. My intention is to explore how being conscious in the modern world might look.

My hope in these pages is to find friends in the world who share my interest in community, education and consciousness. I am eager to exchange ideas and see alternatives revealed.

At the end of it, I wonder about the combination of the three: a community, striving to live consciously and structured around the education of its children. This is a extraordinary ideal and fraught with earthly entanglements. But one that I imagine it will be fun to discuss.

Much love,


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