A Substitute Teacher Plan for Expectations And Routines

v Quick Start Guide / Cover Page

  • This would be the first place the substitute should look to begin the day or to understand the contents of this packet. It quickly introduces the classroom rules document, classroom routine document, classroom management document, student roster (with annotations), the weekly schedule document, the school map, and identifies the location of the file cabinet holding the class Language Arts and Mathmatics lesson plans.
  • Most notably, it explains my basic expectation for a substitute on a given day: To run at least one set of academic centers, to follow discipline structure as explained in included document, to get students to out-of-classroom classes promptly and efficiently, and to fill unfilled time with useful activities from the activities folder.

v Map of Classroom Materials locations – especially lesson plan file cabinet location and directions for accessing current lesson plans.

v The “Classroom Rules” Document

  • This documebnt contains the classroom rules as defined by the classroom community at the beginning of the year.

v Description of Class Routines Document

  • Beginning of day rountines (entering the classroom, turning in homework, taking attendance, flag salute, etc.).
  • Student Movement Rules and Routines (to bathroom, for a drink of water, to get needed books, sharpen pencils, etc.).
  • How student work is collected and organized.

v Classroom Management Philosophy Document

  • Explain that breakdowns are to be used as teaching opportunities, not punished.
  • Explain the use of peer mediation in the classroom
  • Explain that good behavior is its own reward.

v Student Roster Annotated with Key Student Information Document

  • Allergies
  • Exceptionalities
  • Special Attention Required (behavioral or academic)
  • Helpers

v The Class’ Weekly Schedule by Period, Activity, and Location Document

  • Including any extra duty for substitute teacher and location.
  • Include suggestions for the substitute’s free time and location of teacher lounge / lunch room, etc.

v The School Map

  • A map of the school with all relevant rooms (for out of classroom classes) identified
  • Identify paths to those rooms, if necessary (color coded)
  • Identify location(s) of substitute’s extra duty (if relevant)

v Any required paperwork (blank roll call sheet, lunch selections, etc.)

v Seating Chart

v School Policies

v The School’s Student/ Teacher Handbook

v Emergency Lesson Plans & Activities

  • Identify and include general lessons and activities which fit the units currently being taught but do not need to be taught sequentially (eg American Revolution facts trivia contest, spelling contest, writing to classroom blog, etc).
  • Identify and include quick time fillers (sharing, quick quizes, “Brain Gym” physical activities, etc.)

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