Professional Portfolio – Part 2

How will you use the Masters in Education program standards to guide the development of your professional portfolio?

The program standards define the core learning goals of my master’s degree. As such, it will be essential to represent exercises, achievements and milestones from each of the four domains and most if not all of the sub-domains. As I mentioned in my answer to Wk3:DQ1, I have clear personal goals as regards my professional portfolio. I want it to reflect my life experience and my journey. While I am only beginning to learn about professional portfolios and TaskStream, it seems to me that the program standards could (and perhaps should) be the skeleton upon which the M.Ed. portion of the portfolio is hung. This is true for two reasons. One, in the reading I have done so far it seems as if the portfolio may be an essential element of the hiring process to become a teacher. To the extent that this is true, I would want to fully reflect my experience and achievement in this program. The program standards are the standards against which my achievement is gauged, the benchmark. They must be included. Second, since these standards are the skeleton of the program, it is artistically necessary to incorporate their shape and shadow in the portfolio to fully reflect my experience in the program.

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