Survey Says….

I got 17 responses to my survey. This is hardly sufficient for a paper but still interesting. My target audience was my Facebook friends, people known to me, usually with school age children.

I surveyed “movement in the classroom” and got three really clear bits of feedback.

1) “Education” is the dominant expectation of schools (versus athletics, socialization, self-actualization or creativity).
2) The respondants had a traditional approach to the expectation that children should be taught to sit down in class. The average answer was “moderately important” on “How important is learning to ‘sit down, sit properly, and sit still’ to academic performance, in your opinion?”
3) BUT they scored just short of “overwhelmingly pleased” (with only 2 voting less than “moderately pleased”) on “If, upon visiting a classroom, you found children sprawled on the floor or kneeling on their chairs attentively doing their assigned tasks, would you be?”

So the people who responded are serious about school and learning, have a somewhat traditional expectation but are mostly results oriented, keying on “attentively doing their assigned tasks” rather than “children sprawled on the floor or kneeling on their chairs.” Put another way, I could expect these people to accept and support relaxed movement rules IF the task focus and learning success stayed solid or improved.

This is not exactly what I expected (more traditional and more willing to accept successful adaptation). This is good information, helpful to me in advocating for more movement in our classrooms (and in how I do so).

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